Our mission is to provide resources and broaden awareness of life-saving skills for every age group; to educate families, caregivers and all related support providers through instruction of preventative and responsive techniques in accordance with current international CPR guidelines.

Save A Little Life ™ was founded in 1999 by Richard Pass, RN,  B.S. with the intention of providing a simpler, more user-friendly CPR course based on the guidelines of the American Heart Association.

Over time, Richard began to focus more specifically on Pediatric CPR and Family Safety. That eventually led to his working in conjunction with other businesses that offered pediatric training and support such as The Pump Station in Santa Monica and Westside Nannies in Beverly Hills where his courses are still offered on a regular basis.

From there, the business continued to expand throughout Los Angeles County to include locations such as A Mother’s Haven in Encino, Del Mar Birth Center in South Pasadena and Wondertree Kids in El Segundo.

Each of our instructors is a qualified Registered Nurse who has been certified to teach CPR and life-saving courses by the American Heart Association, and all have extensive clinical hospital experience.

Save A Little Life ™ offers numerous certification and non-certification courses in both English and Spanish.


I have thought long and hard about how to best prepare parents for the unthinkable, for that expected moment when one is faced with a life-threatening situation.

Although I have the utmost respect for firefighters, paramedics and other First Responders, unfortunately, there are times when these highly trained caregivers cannot get to you quickly enough to avert a worst case scenario.

According to the Los Angeles Fire Department, it takes, on average, 7 minutes for EMT’s and paramedics to arrive at the scene of an emergency. Although 7 minutes is a very reasonable response time, there may be instances when residents have to wait even longer.

Never underestimate the critical difference CPR and other life-saving techniques can make a  in those  precious minutes before help arrives. Deprived of circulating oxygen, the human brain will begin to deteriorate in less than 7 minutes. Therefore, it’s crucial that parents, family members and all care providers assume the responsibility of seeing themselves as First Responders. 

I have known nearly a dozen parents who have actually faced this reality and proven that simple but quick action is key for survival.

Becoming proficient in CPR is not a difficult task. It does, however, require focus, attention and decisive action.

Learn what you can to do to ensure the safety of your family.

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